bring your genome

to your smartphone

Portable Genomics

develops software for comprehensive visualization
of personal genomic data

a consumer-based approach

to genomics IT

Portable Genomics

lets you browse your genome like a digital music library

activate the potential

of your genome

Portable Genomics

enables simple sharing of your data with healthcare professionals

your genome on the go

Portable Genomics

easying lifestyle adjustments through comprehensive
actionable mobile utilities

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about us:

Our Story

We are a group of former academic biologists and software engineers. Our goal is to integrate genomic data in every day life, mixing our increasing understanding of biology to the omnipresence of digital devices. To do so in the simplest possible way for the end users with healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

Portable Genomics' mission is to pioneer the mobile genomics software space with a consumer-based approach for the visualization and use of genome information in professional and mass-market applications.

In the booming field of genomics, there is a need for user-friendly tools to better understand and use genome information in multiple fields from diagnostic and education applications to personalized and preventive medicine solutions.

Our Beliefs

People are entitled to know themselves, genome included. We will make it simpler to understand, easily sharable and secure.

Patrick Merel

Patrick Merel

Patrick Merel

PhD in molecular biology, University of Bordeaux, France.
Highly Networked Molecular Diagnostic expert, Team builder, Inventor, Entrepreneur.

The Vision.

Linkedin: Patrick Merel

Adel Laoui

Adel Laoui

Adel Laoui

PhD, MBA. Experienced executive business leader, former director at Sanofi Healthcare Solutions and Accelrys Life Sciences Dept., entrepreneur.


The Business

Linkedin: Adel Laoui
Antonios Vekris

Antonios Vekris

Antonios Vekris

PhD in molecular biology, University of Bordeaux, France.
Molecular Diagnostic and Bio-it Expert, former CSO at Digem, Entrepreneur, inventor

The Science

Linkedin: Antonios Vekris

Board Members ↓

The Team > Board Members

Emile Loria

Emile Loria, MD

MD, Former President & CEO of Epimmune (Nasdaq:EPMN). 25+ years of experience in Pharma/biotech industry in key management positions incl. Ciba-Geigy, Sanofi, Medical Synergy, IDM and Biovector Therapeutics.

Magda Marquet

Magda Marquet, PhD

PHD, board chair at BIOCOM, Founder and co-Chair of Althea Technologies and Althea Dx, 2005 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, 2004 Women Who Mean Business award, 2007 San Diego BJ most admired CEO..

François Ferré

Francois Ferré, PhD

PhD, co-Founder, Co-CEO of Althea Technologies, Althea Dx. currently serves on the Board of a number of private companies. winner of the 2005 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Life Sciences category.

Jean-Pierre Millon

Jean-Pierre Millon

Director at CVS Caremark, former president and CEO of PCS Health Systems, former executive with Eli Lilly, Financial & management expert, extensive venture capital and public company experience.

The Team ↑



Portable Genomics presenting finalist named in University of Southern California Center For Body Computing SLAM 2014. Top four innovators vie for $10,000 prize using the power of music to improve health


Portable Genomics at Bio International Convention, San Diego, June 23-26, 2014.

Find our Kiosk at the Digital Health Zone, here.


Portable Genomics participating to the Genomics in Medicine Symposia during the Molecular Med Tri-Conference, San Francisco, February 9-14, 2014.

Personal Genomics through Smart Digital Media, Patrick Merel, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Portable Genomics, February 14, 2014.


SaveMy23 for the iPhone/iPad is released on the App Store. SaveMy23 allows 23andMe data owners to download and save their data at home. Find more information about SaveMy23 here.

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Press > Press 1

"Genome by Phone:
Want to see your genome on a smartphone?"

Who? When? What? Where?
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France2 TV 05/24/2014
Envoyé Spécial, la Suite: Un reve sans fin, 5 ans après
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Genetic Engineering News 02/15/2013
Genomics data in patient's hands by Richard Stein, M.D., Ph"D.
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The Bio Boom: A Cottage Industry Around Cheap Genomics by Katie Morell
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KLM Holland Herald 04/01/2012
Listen to your body App – Genome music
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San Diego Union-Tribune 02/22/2012
Startup seeks investors for genome by phone by Gary Robbins
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The AppSide 01/24/2012
GeneGroove iPhone app turns your genome data into music
The Guardian 01/24/2012
Apps Rush: Stuart Dredge

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Press > Press 2

"Your Genome in your iPhone:
Chromosome Business?"

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BioInform - GenomeWeb 02/17/2012
Portable Genomics Seeks Investors to Develop Genomic Data Apps for Mobile Devices by Uduak Grace Thomas
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JM Billault Blog 02/03/2012
Portable Genomics: votre génome dans votre iPhone (mais c'est interdit en France)...par JM Billault
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CommNexus SIG Event 01/26/2012
How Genomics and Wireless Technologies are Making Healthcare More Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory
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Forbes 12/15/2011
The Hottest Holiday Gadgets for the "Self-Tracker" on Your Shopping List by Adrienne Burke
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Healthier Practices - iTunes for your DNA by Kelly Quigley
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REVUE XXI 07/07/2011
Flashback - Bioethiquement Incorrect par Dominique Lorentz
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Science Publique - Les tests génétiques prédisent-ils notre avenir?
Web & Radio
Ce que nos gènes disent de nous
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FRANCE 2 TV 04/27/2011
News Journal 8:00 PM. Tout soigner grâce au génome ?
COMMENT ÇA MARCHE ? 04/20/2011
Interview par Daniel Ichbiah
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Press > Press 3

"Scientists from Bordeaux
Want to bring your DNA into your smartphone"

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Chromosome Business
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Portable Genomics voit l'avenir de l'ADN dans nos smartphones
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20MINUTES 03/17/2011
les gènes s'animent sur iPhone
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SUD-OUEST 03/11/2011
Ces labos qui trouvent
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Le champ des possibles - Que ferons-nous de nos génomes décryptés ?
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FRANCE 2 TV 02/26/2011
News Journal 8:00 AM. Des chercheurs bordelais veulent mettre l'ADN dans des smartphones
Video & TV
United Press International 02/25/2011
DNA 'app' for smartphones developed
Sud-Radio 02/25/2011
News Journal 7:00 AM
Radio France International (RFI) 02/24/2011
French scientists create DNA app for smartphones
Web & Radio
Agence France Presse (AFP) 02/24/2011
Des chercheurs bordelais veulent mettre l'ADN dans des smartphones
Web & Press

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Press > Press 4

"From Bordeaux to San Diego
Portable Genomics on the move"

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FRANCE 3 TV 02/24/2011
News Journal 7:30 PM. Un chercheur bordelais met le génome sur portable
Video & TV
LE FIGARO 01/21/2011
Connaître son ADN n'incite pas à prendre mieux soin de soi
LES ECHOS 01/20/2011
Les tests génétiques, un marché d'avenir ?
Ecole de Journalisme de Bordeaux 01/18/2011
Décoder son ADN ? Il y aura une application pour ça !
SUD-OUEST 01/17/2011
Transporter son génome sur smartphone
Web & PDF
USAtoday 01/14/2011
From Bordeaux to San Diego: Portable Genomics on the Move
From Bordeaux to San Diego: Portable Genomics on the Move
JM BILLAUT Blog 01/16/2011
Connaissez-vous Patrick Merel from Bordeaux (et bientôt San Diego ?) par JM Billault
LIBERATION 01/08/2011
Jamais sans mon génome
Web & PDF
L'EXPRESS 12/29/2010
Son code génétique dans son smartphone

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"Genome in your pocket"
Le Monde Dec. 29, 2010

"...Shortly, owners of smartphones or tablets will be able to carry around their genetic code everywhere, as they already do with their favorite songs or holidays pictures. The application “Portable Genomics” already exists as a prototype for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It is the work of a small informal team located in Bordeaux, gathering geneticists and computer specialists..."

Yves Eudes, Le Monde, Dec. 2010

Read more here:

French PDF or English PDF

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