Health Information at Your Fingertips

You can now take control of, own, learn from, share and realize financial benefits from your personal health data. Be empowered with instant access to all your health information on your mobile device.


Control Your Data, Preserve Your Privacy

Seize control of all your genetic, health and lifestyle data right from your mobile device. At the click and swipe of a screen, you can see all of your health records and information. You can organize your medical, lifestyle and genetic information, including information from sensors and devices on your mobile device – while preserving your privacy.


Learn and Share

You own your health data. Now you can share it with your caregiver, with a pharmaceutical company doing drug development or with an insurance provider to get a personalized insurance plan for your health condition and lifestyle. And you can keep track of how your lifestyle impacts your health because all of the information is integrated into your mobile device.


Reap Financial Benefits

Patient advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies seek to provide improved outcomes for those with chronic diseases. They are building social communities of patients to be close to those who suffer from these diseases and are willing to purchase personal health information. Because you now control your personal health data, you can share and be paid for that information through the Portable Genomics’ secure and private health data market exchange.

Join Our Secure Health Data Exchange

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