Intuitive and Scalable Platform for Chronic and Rare Diseases

Understanding the day-to-day health and well-being of patients with chronic diseases and communicating across a large network of these individuals is critical to the successful management of their disease.


Improve Disease Management

Portable Genomics’ mobile technology allows rare and chronic disease populations to continuously monitor their well-being and to share that information real-time with their caregivers and relevant rare or chronic disease foundations who can remotely monitor their progress and level of engagement.


Anywhere, Anytime Data

No matter where the point of care occurs, a patient’s health records, genomic and activity information is instantly available. Our technology also allows for seamless measurement and reporting of activity levels and moods – symptoms of well-being – that are vital in a holistic approach to disease management.


Customizable Platform

Portable Genomics’ mobile platform allows for the customization of specific solutions for diverse patient communities and enables the end-users to be directly involved with tailoring the application with their own biometrics that are relevant to their chronic condition.

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