Deliver Enhanced Personalized Care

Healthcare providers can shift the emphasis from reaction to prevention, improve dysfunction detection, customize prevention strategies, and deliver more effective integrated healthcare solutions.


Improved Quality of Care

Healthcare providers can leverage the portable genomic and health information now available to patients. This powerful data can provide insights into an individual’s susceptibility to disease, can avoid prescribing drugs with predictable side effects, and can preempt the progression of disease. It will increase efficiencies across the care continuum and enable the collection and integration of health data in meaningful ways that go beyond the periodic notes taken during occasional office visits.


Reduced Healthcare Costs

With the personalized data that patients hold in their hand that can be shared real-time, healthcare providers can reduce the trial-and-error inefficiencies associated with the delivery of traditional medicine that inflate healthcare costs and undermine patient outcomes.


Better Patient Outcomes

Empowering healthcare providers with real-time, point-of-care access to an individual’s personalized genetic, health and lifestyle information provides insights into a patient’s unique profile. Caregivers can shift from reactive to proactive treatments resulting in true precision medicine that leads to improved patient care.

Discover how Portable Genomics is helping healthcare organizations realize the delivery of true precision care.