Insurance Companies


Tap the Power of Personal Health Data

As insurance carriers seek to develop strategies to help individuals and employers reduce health care costs, personalized health data plays a pivotal role in their success. Portable Genomics’ platform allows companies to partner directly with consumers for access to their data.


Create Behavior-Linked Pricing

Carriers can use consumer-shared health data to better inform individuals on the true cost of healthcare and help them improve their health by providing incentives based on their individual behaviors.


Access Personalized Health Data

Insurance companies can partner with consumers to access their health data for use in developing personalized, cost-effective insurance options. The type of data collected by consumers and the pace with which they collect it can be monitored. If consumers choose to share their data, carriers can engage with them to solicit their consent to share their raw personal health data.


Personalized Health Insurance

Direct access to consumer healthcare data analytics will allow insurance companies to develop data driven healthcare solutions for health plans to cut costs and alleviate the traditional broad brush approach to insurance.

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