Life Sciences


Empower Patient-Centric Healthcare Solutions

As life science and healthcare join forces to provide true precision care, access to aggregated high content-high value personal health data is more important than ever. This will open the door to new avenues of development and delivery of innovative integrated healthcare solutions.


Seamlessly Access Data

Portable Genomics’ proprietary mobile technology allows individuals to share their genomic, medical, lifestyle, and behavior information in one quick transaction. Access to this valuable personal health data will fuel medical breakthroughs, advance the understanding of the mechanisms of disease as well as an individual’s reaction to medications.


Comprehensive Precision Care

Maximize the effectiveness of disease treatment and prevention by taking into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle. Access to personal health data leads to a better understanding of molecular, environmental and behavioral factors that contribute to health and disease. Insight into genotypes and phenotypes will lead to better diagnoses, enlightened disease prevention, targeted treatments, and development of novel therapies.


Improved Financial Outcomes

The ability to seamlessly pool comprehensive personal health information from a significant group of individuals will enhance and support efforts to discover new comprehensive health solutions. Access to this aggregated health data will promote a more economically sustainable business model and will ease the cost and timeline of the research and development process.

Learn how our personal health data market exchange can fuel innovation and help you deliver integrated healthcare solutions.