Wellness & Nutrition


Optimize Health & Wellness

Seize the opportunity to access personalized information directly from patients to identify those with high clinical probabilities for disease to create targeted wellness strategies.


Targeted Wellness Strategies

You no longer need to sift through reams of data to find the information you require. Portable Genomics has empowered consumers with the ability to share their unique genetic and health data allowing you to provide targeted, optimized wellness strategies.


Guide Healthier Choices

Utilize individual client genetic and health data or leverage the data from a select population to create opportunities for your clients to make healthier lifestyle choices.


Develop a Wellness Roadmap

Access to personalized genetic and health data removes the guesswork from developing wellness goals and provides both the professional and the patient a roadmap specific to the patient’s profile.

Learn how to become part of the Portable Genomics’ personal health data market exchange.